Monday, December 16, 2013

The Paradigm Shift.

  1. United States of America, I still remember when I used to think about it and  it would seem almost impossible for me to get out of these mountains around me and visit this land of opportunities.I was determined and inspired by a million minds I had meet, to visit it one day, some where in my heart. I will never forget the moment I received a call from some lady working with iEARN and heard the words " You have made it". That was the beginning of a unforgettable learning experience for me, a life changing experience. I made the decision of stepping into a new world, a very different world indeed. I was hopeful, some how scared; but after seeing the sing welcoming me to the McDonough's family, my heart skipped a beet and I felt at home, miles away from home. One might think America is all about people partying, eating junk food or doing no work at house because that was what I was thinking before spending a year in America. But trust me this thought of mine was really different from what I actually experienced in U.S.
  2.  People are very  nice I said when I was first asked about how America was treating me. I learnt a lot of small deeds of kindness from Americans during my stay, I could have learnt the same here but maybe I wasn't that big of an observer that time. Having a smile on your face, opening the door for the person behind you and getting or giving warm hugs  were my favorite things I did every day in America. I should mention that America is a country just like Pakistan in a sense that both the countries have positive and negative aspects about them. I liked things about America which include their educational system, freedom of speech, provision of opportunities, and appreciation that you get even when you achieve even a small goal of yours. Things that I found not so attractive were the fact that some of the people take the "Great America" for granted.This experience made  me realize that every place has some good points and some bad points; we shouldn't judge a place on basis of some particular people because that's what I have been telling people in America on the topic of 9/11. 
  3. At the end of the day I would absolutely prefer this opportunity to all the youth out there who are in search of the truth. Whether you wanna learn about real America or you are a travelling freak just give it a try because who knows when you get this "Golden opportunity" I call it and be the one in very few among thousands that applied. I am really thankful to almighty Allah first of all and the amazing iEARN Pakistan who had given me this Life Changing Experience in a way that I started learning with the world not just about it.Guys say YES to spend a year in U.S now because YES is a program you don't wanna miss ! So hurry up peeps be the change !! 

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