Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I Beleive

          Living in America is somehow not what I thought of while I was in Pakistan (my country) but still I like many things here. I am learning a lot about the way America is and Americans are but the thing I would love to learn more about is “Liberty of speech and act for every American” ,in fact when I was in Pakistan I had an idea to respect the differences and I am very glad to find that I can learn more about it in America.
           According to my opinion a nation is a group of many people living together so there should not be one person making decisions about what a nation can do and what it cannot but instead there should be a voice of people in what is happening to them. People have different views and their views should be respected and this is what I am learning in America. For the past five months, my experience of living in America has been great because here I am finding a world where people are making a difference by respecting and appreciating each other. I am learning the WIN-WIN attitude which I had been searching in books for years.
           I would write a book about what I am learning in America If I could but for now I would like to focus on what is really important to me and which will not only help me during my exchange year but also when I will go back to my country, freedom of speech and act. When we look back at the history of America we can notice that it is that nation which came in to existence because of will power, people who wanted freedom fought for it in one of the harshest situations, any nation has ever faced and today America is one of those nations which are leading the world. This shows us   that America is a nation which existed just because people wanted it to exist. Now it’s a nation of great diversity where people from all around the world are living together as a nation and still there is no any conflict because of color, creed, race or gender which shows the equality Americans have. This is one of the reasons why I want to learn more about freedom in America but behind this one more reason which leads me to learn more about this is related to my country Pakistan. I want to learn more about this American value because it will not only help me during my exchange year but also when I will go back to my country. In Pakistan things are much more different then they are here, there are a lot of good things about Pakistan but there are also some problems that people are facing there, one of which I think is not having freedom of speech for example recently a young Pakistani girl, who is just fourteen was attached by some terrorist just because she said what she thought that it is right of every girl to get education.  She spoke for girl’s education which should be appreciated but unfortunately what happened? Her school bus was attached by some terrorists who attempted to kill so should that be a result of saying what you think? Absolutely not, if people didn’t like what she was saying they were supposed to share their views as she did and that is the best solution of any problem. Hundreds of stories like this have happened in Pakistan but I believe that there will be a day when everyone in Pakistan will also have a right to say what they think without any fear of consequences and we are the ones who needed to think about this and try to bring a change.